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Gombbys Green Island 1


► Gombbys Green Island is an TV show, entertaining and educational, that children will love ! ► Download VODs Just 1 time, you can enjoy the show anytime,anywhere! even on the plane! Watch the show on-the-go!
► Camera Feature included. Take pictures with Gombby and his friends!
► About Gombbys Green Island Green Island is a very special place, full of color and adventure, where all Gombby’s stories take place. Every day Gombby makes fresh bread and distributes it on the island riding his Eco-Bike.With Gombby children will learn all about the breadmaking cycle and how everyday objects were invented, but they will also learn about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices and respecting the environment, about friendship and respecting others. All the stories are family friendly and are reviewed by a professional team
※ Download Episode 1,2 for Free. Additional episodes available through in-App purchase ※ SmartStudy is an official licensee of Big Storm Studio & Awol Animation